Shawls: Summer Flies to Fall

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Summer has come to an end and the Fall season is starting.  I started this knitting project shortly after returning from British Columbia but as it was so hot I didn’t have the incentive to get it finished.  But now the weather will be cooking down I need to get knitting so it is ready for the cool evenings.

The pattern is called Summer Flies and is a quick pattern to knit up on a 6 mm circular needled, the longer the better.  As you will see the number of stitches increase quickly and the needle is soon filled up.   This was a free pattern when I originally got it in 2010 but now there is a cost involved.

summer flies knitting shawl made at

With some lovely green Berroco Weekend yarn I cast on another one.  I started this one on the shorter bamboo circular needled but it soon filled it up and I needed to switch to the longer ones.

summer flies knitting shawl made at

The pattern is knit in 7 sections and I’m in the 6th section.  I use my row counter to keep track of where I am.  Right now in this photo I’ve just finished row 67.  The white beads count for 1 row, and when 9 are done I slide down a green bead for 10 rows.

summer flies knitting shawl made at

A few more evenings of knitting and I should be finished, just in time for the cooler evenings.

summer flies knitting shawl made at

In between knitting I’m reading the third book in the Kate Shackleton series by Frances Brody.  This one is titled Murder in the Afternoon.  Kate knows she was adopted as a baby and in this story a lady, Mary Jane Armstrong, comes to Kate asking her to find her missing husband.  It turns out Mary Jane is Kate’s sister.  Her husband Ethan has disappeared from the quarry, perhaps he has run away, perhaps he has been murdered.  Mary Jane’s daughter said she saw her father, Ethan, lying on the quarry floor and she ran for help.  Yet when they got back there was no body there.

A Kate Shackleton Mystery by Frances Brody

I’m about half way through this book.  The first two in the series were interesting to read.  There is one more in the series so far.

A Kate Shackleton mystery by Frances Brody

I used iPiccy, Fotor and Picasa to make the mosaic images.

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