Once the package of friendship has been opened, it can never be closed. It is a constant book always written, waiting to be read  and enjoyed. … unknown source

Craf-tea ideas for sharing tea with friends

Women are like teabags. They don’t know their strength until they are in hot water. …. Eleanor Roosevelt

making a lighted teapot from a broken clear teapot at craftygardener.ca
This was a quick and fun little project to make from an idea that Margie had at Tea in the Valley I had an old glass teapot that had a hole in the bottom that I had been using for a planter but cleaned it out and added a string of lights that are battery operated and can be set on a timer. Really cute to see it lit up in the evenings on the kitchen table.

Craf-tea ideas for the garden using old or new teacups, teapots and tea accessories


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