2sDay: Bluejays

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Photos from the archives of 2 bluejays for 2sDay. Blue jays belong to the Corvidae family native to North America. The corvidae family also includes crows, magpies, rooks, jackdaws, and others (up to 100 varieties). This family of birds have … Continued

Peanut Mail

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Several years ago we converted an old rural mailbox into a bird feeder.   We had put it down on an old tree stump and put a few peanuts in it thinking the chipmunk would like it, but to our … Continued

Bluejay Buddies

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Have a look at these bluejay buddies snacking together at the suet feeder. During the week I captured photos of two bluejays at the coconut  suet feeder.  If you haven’t made this all season suet yet, you really should give … Continued

I Spy a Feeder

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The bluejays are always visiting the garden and they are so much fun to watch.  They squawk when there aren’t any peanuts and they squawk when there are peanuts. We have flat feeders and a mailbox feeder just for them … Continued

B for Bluejays

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The bluejays are year round visitors to our garden feeders.  They mainly feed on nuts and seeds.  They love mailbox feeder which we fill will peanuts.  These birds certainly let you know when they are arriving in the garden.

Enjoying the Peanuts

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The bluejays, who are year round visitors to the garden, have certainly been enjoying the peanuts lately.  They peck and look, peck and look, all the time.  The quick movement of the head meant I had a lot of blurry … Continued

These Peanuts Are All Mine

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On Wednesday it was a rainy day and we didn’t do anything outside.  I had the tripod set up by the back door and the feeders had just been filled the night before.  Even though we have birds all year … Continued

At the Peanut Feeder

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The peanut mailbox was empty so the bluejays went to the round peanut feeder.  I don’t see them at this feeder very often, yet the bird store said it was a bluejay magnet.  It is frequently by the chickadees, nuthatches, … Continued

The Bluejays

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The bluejays are year round visitors to our garden feeders.  They mainly feeds on nuts and seeds, and it prefers peanuts in our garden.  We have a couple of feeders set up just for the jays.  One is the mailbox … Continued