Birds: Cardinals

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I can still remember the first day we saw a cardinal in the backyard all those years ago.  He kept coming to the back window and looking in.  It would fly up and down the window and then perch again … Continued

2sDay: Cardinals

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It’s 2sDay and time for photos of 2 of the same thing.  This week it is my favourite bird – the cardinal – the male and female together. Enjoy the photos from the archives taken at different times of the … Continued

Cardinal in Flight

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It is always a joy to watch the feeders just after they have been filled.  It seems the birds are waiting in the distance for the noise as the food goes into the feeders.  They appear shortly after the task … Continued

A Splash of Red

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On the dull and dreary winter days it is wonderful to look out the window and see a brilliant splash of red from the cardinal as it visits the garden.