The Feeders are Busy

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We spend many hours watching the feathered lens friends flit in and out of the garden.  It seems a never ending job to keep the feeders full at this time of the year as more and more birds are returning or passing through to a warmer location.

Feathered lens friends are chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, doves, bluejays, cardinals, goldfinches, house finches and sparrows.

Here are some of the birds at the feeders.


The flickers made a stop in the garden a few weeks ago.  We usually only see them at the beginning and end of the season.


The cardinal is a year round resident, frequently seen with the female feeding on the ground under the feeders.  But recently he has discovered this feeder full of black oil seed and really enjoys it.


Here is the female eating some seed at the flat feeder.


This is a fairly new feeder in the garden.  It’s double sided … one side for black oil seed and the other side with finer mesh for nyger seed.  The goldfinches love it as they can either perch or cling onto the mesh.


The doves sit and do their coo coo cooing but they sure make a mess!


The bluejay is attempting to eat peanuts from this feeder which the woodpeckers have claimed for their own.


lots more lens friends

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