The Praying Mantis

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The weather has been glorious this week … chilly morning but fantastic afternoon.   We’ve been doing lots of clean up outside, but I hate to start putting things away when it is so nice out, but I also know it has to be done as the weather can change so quickly.  Looking carefully we discovered a praying mantis, first on the downspout and then on the garden bench.  That was the clue for me to turn the camera on and get to the macro settings.

The praying mantis is named for the two front legs that sometimes appear to be held in a praying position.

Praying mantis can turn their heads 180 degrees … a very helpful trick when looking for prey.

Those 2 big compound eyes help it see what is in its vicinity.  But surprisingly enough they only have 1 ear just on the belly by the hind legs.


The long front legs are used to capture their prey (moths, crickets, flies, grasshoppers)  They sometimes even eat their own and the female is know to eat the male after mating!

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