Parrots in the Garden

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I’ve got parrots in the garden … not real parrots because we don’t live in the right climate … but parrot tulips.  Parrot tulips are known for their colourful, curly, fringed petals that perhaps resemble parrot feathers.  They have gorgeous … Continued

Milkweed Pods

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The milkweed pods have been bursting open to release all the seeds.  I let these plants grow in a wild area of the garden to attract the Monarch butterflies.  Milkweed is an important source of nectar for bees and other … Continued

The Praying Mantis

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The weather has been glorious this week … chilly morning but fantastic afternoon.   We’ve been doing lots of clean up outside, but I hate to start putting things away when it is so nice out, but I also know … Continued


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Cicadas – those inscects that we don’t very often see  but we very often hear buzzing and clicking on those hot and humid days. Cicada comes from Latin and translates to mean tree cricket. One day awhile ago there was one on … Continued