A picture can be worth a thousand words.  These are crafts from my years as a Girl Guide leader.  They were used for camp swaps and hat crafts.  Most of them are easy to figure out just by looking at the photos.

I originally had these posted on my old website but never did transfer them over when I re-organized my site.   I frequently get questions about how to make them, probably from old links left several years ago.

If you need further directions you can use the Contact page to send me a message.

I used pop can tabs, yarn, small rings, felt, plastic canvas, goggly eyes, twigs, beads, can lids, pom pons, wire, material scraps, pins, and a lot of patience to make them.  Many are crafts the girls made and the leaders prepared kits with all the necessary materials.  Camp was such a fun event.  Many of these were gives as awards for doing various chores … washing dishes, cleaning toilets, cleaning grease pits, activities and more.

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