Recipe: Upside Cottage Pie

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I took advantage of a cooler day and made a potato and ground beef casserole in the oven. This was a recipe from yummakers, a site I follow on Instagram. Ingredients are all naturally gluten free: First was to take … Continued

Birds: Cardinals

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I can still remember the first day we saw a cardinal in the backyard all those years ago.  He kept coming to the back window and looking in.  It would fly up and down the window and then perch again … Continued

Plant Profile: Iris

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I love the spring when the perennial iris blooms.  There are a few different varieties in the gardens from the early blooming mini purple to the mid height yellow to the tall purples, maroons and yellows.  Each has their own … Continued

Garden Update: The Front Garden

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We had some work done on the sunny part of the front garden by Graham Property Maintenance. The before photo show lots of grass and invasive plants that had spread and spread. The after photo shows the footstep path was … Continued