Hello and Welcome …

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… to craftygardener.ca The drop down menus or the search box will help you find what you are looking for. I’m busy amalgamating old posts and deleting really old ones. If you come across something that isn’t there, please don’t … Continued

Garden Update: The Front Garden

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We had some work done on the sunny part of the front garden by Graham Property Maintenance. The before photo show lots of grass and invasive plants that had spread and spread. The after photo shows the footstep path was … Continued

Birds: R for Robins

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We always await the return of the robins, sometime in mid February … a sure sign that spring is on the way. Spring arrives on/or around March 20/21 but we all know that the first day of spring isn’t always … Continued

Plant Profile: Trillium

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The white trillium has been the provincial flower of Ontario since 1937. The name ‘trillium’ comes from the Latin for ‘three’. The plant has large, often white, three-petaled flowers above three broad bracts that look like leaves. They are members … Continued