Garden Update: The Birds in April

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April has seen mixed weather, from those teasing days of being lovely and warm mixed in with rainy days when it feels really chilly.

It is so lovely to listen to the birds chirping away, all singing their spring mating songs. I used the Merlin app on my phone and ipad and it will identify all the various birds in the garden.

We spotted and photographed the first Eastern towhee visiting the garden. Towhees prefer the hedgerows and hop along looking for food. As they hop they grab the dried leaves etc and throw it back with their feet hoping to uncover some bugs/grubs/insects.

The Eastern towhee visiting

We have also seen the spotted towhee on our visits to British Columbia. The Eastern one is a bit less spotted. The Eastern towhee has now been added to our life list of birds.

The Eastern towhee visiting

Both the male and female redwing blackbirds have been to the feeders.

redwing blackbirds visiting

The female looks very different from the male. They are brownish and streaked with a yellowish marking under their beak.

redwing blackbirds visiting

The gorgeous red bellied woodpecker loves the peanut feeder. We hadn’t seen him for a few days, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been around.

the red bellied woodpecker at

A woodpecker we haven’t seen, but have heard and have seen the evidence of, is the pileated woodpecker. He has been enjoying one of the old logs around the tree garden. Wood chips everywhere. We are watching carefully.

holes from the pileated woodpecker at

In the farm field, visible from our front window, we spotted a pair of mallard ducks. The male flew away just as the camera clicked but we did get a couple of photos of the female. Usually we only see the mallards when walking down by the bay. We even spotted a swan in the pond over there, but it was too far away for a good photo.

mallard ducks in the farm field across the road from

See lots more Saturday critters at this lovely link up.

In the garden the daffodils, hyacinths and crocus are in bloom.

April blooms at

The columbine, iris, daylilies, bleeding heart, tulips and trillium are giving the promise of blooms soon.

April garden update at

This is such a wonderful time of the year with everything is starting to grow. Every day I walk around the garden and notice new growth or new buds appearing. Below is growth on the clematis, false spirea, honeysuckle vine, walking onions, climbing roses and rhubarb.

April garden update at

Garden centers are beginning to open, but it is still too early to plant annuals. But what a lovely time walking around them and planning what might or might not work in the garden.

Have you spent time in the garden?

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