Crafts: Boots and Bumbershoots

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Bumbershoot is the old fashioned name for umbrella. I love unusual words.  I decided to turn that umbrella upside down, add some spring things and make a bumbershoot display instead of the traditional wreath.

I have several umbrellas but didn’t want to use one for the display because I will most likely need it for those rainy days that will be coming soon.  

rainy day bumbershoots at

A trip to the dollar store is always fun and this time I was looking for an umbrella.  I had recently purchased some forsythia branches thinking I would do a wreath.  I added some ribbon that was around a recent gift and a little flower photos frame I got at a thrift store for 25₵.  So for around $6.00 I had all the makings for my bumbershoot display.

making a bumbershoot display at

Bumbershoot is made up of umbr from umbrella and shoot from parachute.  Goodness knows where the B comes from.  This is according to the Miriam Webster dictionary and it was used about 1896.  It is evidently an American term used to refer to the British umbrella … also knows as a brolly.

making a bumbershoot display at

My first bumbershoot just had forsythia and a yellow ribbon.

making a bumbershoot display at

All you have to do is carefully put the branches of forsythia into the umbrella  and tie with some  bright yellow polka dot ribbon .

making a bumbershoot display at

Over the handle I added the little flower frame with the colourful garden shovel on top.

making a bumbershoot display at

Instead of a photo I just added the word Hello. I had it hanging under the front window in the middle of the path that leads to the front door.

It was off to the thrift store to find a pair of kiddie boots in bright colours to add some tulips to for the next part of the display.  These got filled with soil and I pushed in some artificial tulips and daffodils.

boot planters at

The following year I made another bumbershoot display and added some pussy willows and some greenery and had them hanging either side of the garage door.

making a bumbershoot display at

It is still too chilly for real flowers and the greenery baskets I had up all winter begin to look faded and a bit out of season.

the bumbershoot display at

A saying of mine is “If it can hold dirt, you can plant in it” so if you come visiting, don’t take your boots off or I might just fill them with dirt and plant in them.

boot planters at

I wonder if some of these boot planters are from unsuspecting visitors or just from my old boots?

I’ll be ready for the old weather saying of ‘April Showers bring May flowers’ with bumbershoots hanging by the garage door.

It was a rainy day yesterday. Overall this winter season has been very unusual, hardly any snow and up and down temperatures. What will the last few days of winter be like?

Remember the first day of spring isn’t always the first spring day.

painting a rainbow rock at

Here is a rainbow rock I painted to add to my rainy day display. We love seeing rainbows in the garden.

a rainbow seen at
the gardener side at

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17 Responses

  1. Margie

    What a fun way to repurpose umbrellas and rubber boots. I may have to try these displays for this spring/summer!

  2. Kea

    That’s such a fun way to re-purpose items one would normally toss out or donate (if still in decent shape). I do remember the boots from last year! (I’m impressed I can remember that far back — ha.)

    Have a lovely Easter weekend, and let’s hope we *don’t* get the s-n-o-w that’s in the long term forecast (at least for this city)!

  3. Myrtle

    Beautiful display Linda. Decorating umbrellas with flowers, etc. look great. I remember the boots with real plants in them, love them.
    Happy Easter weekend

  4. Linda

    Is there any craft you haven’t tried Linda?
    Blooming beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend…
    Linda :o). ???

  5. Maggie

    I’ve never heard of a bumbershoot before! What a strange word, still they do make pretty spring time decorations and would brighten up any cloudy day.
    Happy MM.

  6. Teresa

    I love this idea, so fun and pretty! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  7. Little Wandering Wren

    OMG I love this post, your flowering Bumbershoots are so original, I bet your friends are quite nervous about leaving their shoes by your front door in case you plant them up with something gorgeous!
    Happy planting
    Wren x

  8. Angie

    See, my literal mind just doesn’t work like this, so I am eternally grateful to my blogging buddies who can help me think outside the planting pot!!! Wonderful creations!

  9. Michelle

    Your bumbershoot forsythia bouquets are so pretty and cheerful!

    Thank you for sharing with Creative Compulsions!

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