Plant Profile: Marsh Marigolds

Marsh marigolds, cowslips or caltha palustris are lovely yellow blooming perennial plants that grow in shallow water near marshy or swampy areas. A few years ago we ventured into the swampy, mucky area close to our house to dig a clump of these lovely flowers. The plants grow 45 to 60 cm. high and the flowers are about 4 cm. across. We successfully transplanted it into a swampy area in our garden which is also home to cat tails, and other types of wetland grasses.

marsh marigolds at

Look for them during April as you are out driving when you come upon a wetland area.  One area by us has many, many clumps and it sure is cheery to see the yellow blooms after the winter.

The plant was just beginning to appear in the marshy area of the garden last spring.  We only started out with 1 plant but it has self seeded itself to another marshy area where 2 more thriving plants are growing.

The rounded buds open up to lovely bright yellow blooms.

marsh marigolds at

Start looking in the marshy areas about mid March and see if you can see them.

Garden update 2024

March 2024 at

This is the garden on a sunny day in March.

March 2024 at

Growth is beginning on tulips, hyacinths, Egyptian walking onions. It has started.

I’m looking forward to gardening season this year. It is 3.5 months since knee replacement surgery and I can’t wait to get back outside.

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