Scarves: Cowls

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I’m always chilly and have scarves galore, both knitted, crocheted, chiffon, and soft material ones to wear with different outfits. Here are a couple of cowls I’ve knitted. A cowl is a shorter version of an infinity scarf. You can … Continued

Scarves: One Row

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November and another br-r-r (ber) month is starting and it is time for some extra warmth when going out. The one row scarf pattern is what I call a no-brainer pattern. It is just as the name suggests and only … Continued

Scarves: A Mobius

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English, you’ve gotta love it.  Sometimes pronunciation can be tricky.  You think it is one thing and it turns out to be something else. Is it wind or wind?  Wind with a short i as in a windy day or … Continued