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I recently finished this lovely lacy scarf pattern. This was a free pattern from The Robbins Nest in Brighton, Ontario which was one of the stores participating in the South Eastern Ontario yarn crawl this past spring.

scarf pattern from The Robbin's Nest
lacy scarf getting started

The yarn was lovely and soft, diamond SELECT Indus Valley in shades of mauve and teal.

scarf pattern from The Robbin's Nest
making progress

I had started this pattern in late May and even through it was an easy two row pattern to remember I was only knitting a few rows at a time as I needed a laser treatment to clear a cloudy lens so work was limited. Once that procedure was complete the knitting went a lot faster. Now I’m waiting for a date for the right eye laser procedure.

scarf pattern from The Robbin's Nest
completed lacy scarf

I just kept knitting the two rows of the pattern until I ran out of yarn. I love knitting in the evenings when the television is on. I’m not really a tv watcher so knitting or crochet helps keep me awake!

scarf pattern from The Robbin's Nest
lacy scarf

It measures 38 cm x 112 cm (15 in. x 44 in) when complete. If you knit this pattern it just might come out slightly larger or smaller depending on the tightness of your knitting.

It was a lovely pattern to knit. This one is for a gift but I just might have to knit one for myself. Now I’m working on a cowl pattern which I’ll share soon.

Photos taken at different times of day make the yarn appear in varying shades.

a yarn line

~Shawls and scarves I’ve made~

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  1. Michelle

    So pretty! I’m like you, I crochet or make jewelry while watching TV.

  2. Jennifer Jilks

    What fun! You do such amazing work!!!! I’m so glad you had a laser treatment. My eyes are bothering me.
    We are off to Brighton for our wedding anniversary next week.

  3. Kim

    Gosh, that’s beautiful! Both the pattern and the colours (my favourites!) are gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by. Haute Goat is worth a visit. They suggest bringing (and wearing) rubber boots, and if you go, definitely do so (we did, both for the manure and the ticks).

  4. Liza

    Thanks for sharing this! I was digging through my yarn crawl stash last evening and found this ball of yarn. I was very strict with myself that each purchase had a plan (no orphan skeins) but couldn’t remember until I read your post.

    • Crafty Gardener

      It was a nice pattern to knit Liza. Did you participate in the South Eastern yarn crawl? This was a pattern that Robbins Nest in Brighton was giving out. Thanks for visiting today.

  5. Teresa

    So pretty, I love the colours!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

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