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It’s time for my weekly alphabetical garden tour to share what’s in the garden starting with D (birds, plants, whimsy and more). with you and with ABC Wednesday.

One of my favourite plants to watch develop are the Egyptian Walking Onions.  They are the first to poke through the ground after the snow and they grow tall and have amazing little onion sets at the top of the green stalks.

Egyptian walking onions at craftygardener.ca
Egyptian walking onions

For a couple of years I grew Elephant Ears.  They are tender perennials here in my garden zone in Ontario, Canada but do grow as perennials in other parts of the country. In British Columbia they grow massive. This year I’m eliminating plants that require a lot of maintenance so it wasn’t planted this year.

Last fall when I dug the elephant ears the root split into a few very small pieces and I didn’t know if it would grow another year. But I saved it anyway and planted it this spring. I am really please that several shoots have grown giving some nice leaves. I’m wondering about bringing the plant inside for the winter and see if it continues to grow. Has anyone else tried this?

growing elephant ears at craftygardener.ca
elephant ears

The perennial evening primrose keeps spreading and blooming in the sun or part shade.  Yellow are my favourite colour of blooms as it is so cheery even on a dull day. This is a plant that I’m always sharing with other gardeners. It spreads so rapidly I sometimes can’t keep up with it.

evening primrose at craftygardener.ca
evening primrose

A few years ago I made an easel planter. Basically it is an a frame made of tall branches and a picture frame or a window frame used in front of a planter. Unfortunately this is not longer a part of the garden as the frame warped and split due to the weather and I just never got around to replacing it.

an easel planter at craftygardener.ca
easel planter
an easel planter at craftygardener.ca
easel planter

There are lots of edibles that grow in the garden – tomatoes, potatoes, peas, beans, radishes, and much more.

delicious edibles from the garden at craftygardener.ca
home grown veggies

I don’t think I ever shared the Excellent plant markers that I made for my edibles. I cut the photos off some seed packets and markers that came with the plants and decoupaged them onto coloured rocks. Yellow for yellow tomatoes, green for beans etc. Other decoupaged rocks

decoupaged plant markers at craftygardener.ca

Do you grow any edibles in your garden?

Here is what I came up with for the letter E for my personal alphabet this week. In case you haven’t been following along this is my list so far with E at the end.

  • A – accepting, active, adaptable, amicable
  • B- bird watcher, book lover, British by birth,
  • C – crafter, Canadian by choice, cat lover, cheerful,
  • D – determined, decisive, dependable,
  • E – energetic, easy going, English,

The more you look the more you see and here are a couple of letter E’s I found while out and about. The script e is actually part of a garden plant hanger in the garden.

garden line
finding the letter E at craftygardener.ca
garden line

8 Responses

  1. Margie

    I love yellow flowers too! My personal E for today is “Exhausted” (just finished a big project at work today).

  2. Lea's Menagerie

    Wonderful edibles! And I love the plant markers – I must try that myself!
    Edibles in my garden right now are tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, and figs.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. Myrtle

    I love yellow flowers also Linda. I have enjoyed your what’s in the garden with Letter E
    I have enjoyed my day! Same for you Linda.

  4. linda

    HI Linda…
    Great series of pictures…I would def take that elephant ear inside…keep us posted!!
    Still hot and sticky here…and rain would be appreciated…enjoy the rest of your week….

    Linda :o)

  5. ABC Wednesday

    What nature gives us… has been, will Always be, a wonder

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

  6. Su-sieee! Mac

    I have branches and frames. Guess what I’m going to try doing with them? 🙂 Thanks for the idea.
    The past 3 years I had 2 pots of elephant ears in the house. They flourished very well. I live in California; I don’t know if that makes a difference of them being happy house plants. I recently put them in the ground so they would grow to their heart’s content. We’ll see how they do during our colder months.

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