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I’ve finally reached the last letter in my alphabetical gardening series.  This was started while joining in with the 25th round of ABC Wednesday.  In no time at all I’ve zipped right through the alphabet and here we are at the end.

My garden is in zone 5b using the Canadian way of recording zones, which translates to 4b in the USDA zones.

Zinnias are one of my favourite annuals to grow from seed.

zinnias at craftygardener.ca

A few letters back I shared the zulu prince venidium which I have also grown from seed.

zulu prince venidium at craftygardener.ca

Zucchini is a fun vegetable to grow in the garden, but beware as you may end up with more than you can use.

growing zucchini at craftygardener.ca

Some of my favourite zucchini recipes:

growing zucchini at craftygardener.ca

Over the past couple of years I’ve also been searching for alphabet letters while we are out and about.   It certainly makes you look at things differently.  At first it was a challenge of a specific letter on outings but all of a sudden the letters kept popping up everywhere.  The letter Z was found in a few places … on the back of an old gate, in a crack on a path, and some fallen seed heads from a tree.

finding Z at craftygardener.ca

I’ve also worked on my personal alphabet throughout the weeks. Why not challenge yourself to come up with a personal alphabet. The whole list is here.

Z – zealous, zesty

Today completes the alphabet from A to Z. Thanks to those of you that have followed the whole series. If you missed some and want to catch up, check here.

A to Z alphabet hunt at craftygardener.ca

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