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The flowers and foliage on the garden tour include (from top left across)  four o’clocks, fuchsia, feverfew, foxglove, and ferns.  I”m sure you figured out the letter of the week is F.

It’s time for my weekly alphabetical garden tour to share what’s in the garden starting with F (birds, plants, whimsy and more). This garden series is not necessarily the garden in its present state. It covers the four seasons and photos are from my garden archives.

blooms beginning with F at
plants beginning with F

Feathered friends include finches (both purple and gold), the flycatcher and flickers.

feathered friends at
feathered friends beginning with F

The fairies aren’t to be left out.  Every garden deserves some whimsy and the fairy doors are set up in the farmyard garden.

fairy doors at
Are there fairies in the garden?

Frogs are found hopping around from the run off stream. An area by the bridge has my collection of frogs and a whimsical sign.

frog parking at
frog parking only, all others will be toad

I found this photo taken in 2002, which had to be scanned, while searching through old photos for something else.  A frog on a frog!

frogs in the garden at
a frog on a frog

One of my favourite areas of the garden is the fence garden, which has gone through so many changes over the years.  This is one of my favourite photos from 2014.  It looks different now as a shed was put up just behind it and the bottle tree was added to one post.

the fence garden in 2014 at

Lots of flags decorate the garden. The homemade ones are best, especially when the grandkids help

garden flags at
garden flags

My personal alphabet is up to the letter F for this week.

F – friendly, frugal, fastidious, forthright,

Finding F while out and about with my camera was a challenge. I did find a couple of images that look almost like and F and then I saw some feathers that had fallen on the grass, and with a little help they look like an F.

finding F while out and about with my camera at
the gardener side at
garden line

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  1. ABC Wednesday

    Lots of wonderful f-s … .the feathered friends are by far my favorite as a birdlover ofcourse

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

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