Canada D’eh

July 1 is Canada D’eh.

I love the play on words for day.  Do you really think Can’eh’dians say eh a lot?

It’s July 1st and the day that Canada celebrates its birthday. This year, 2013, Canada is 146 years old. Celebrations are held across the country, some grandiose and some small.

One particular memory that stands out in my mind is from 2008 when we were taking the Via Canadian train across Canada to visit family in British Columbia.  We just happened to be on the train for Canada Day.  Celebrations on the train included a huge cake…  decorated like a flag of course.   We were travelling through northern Ontario and passed some small communities that backed onto the train tracks. One house was all decked out in red and white and the whole family was standing in their back yard waving the Canadian flag as the train went by. What a lovely thing for them to do.


This Canada sign is on the side of a federal building in town.  It is a lovely shadow to share with Shadow Shot Sunday.

cdn leaf sml

A favourite craft from my old Blogger blog was the Canada Day flag made from some flat rocks so I’m reposting it here at the new site.  I’ve actaully had to paint my rock flag a couple of times as the weather does wear the paint away, even when it has a sealant on it.

canada flag2

You need 3 flat stones all about the same dimensions.
Paint two of them red and one white.
In the middle of the white one paint a red maple leaf.  I didn’t do mine freehand but used a stencil of the leaf I had traced from a paper flag.
Spray with sealant and when dry, find a spot in your garden to display your flag.


Your flag size is only limited by the size of the stones you use.
How about using three patio stones? or a lot of little ones.
The kids and grandkids will have a great time creating their own flags.

cdn leaf sml

This year for Canada Day we have replaced the flag on the garden flagpole (which really isn’t a flagpole but a repurposed mast from a sailboat).  The old flag has seen better days after sun, wind, snow, ice, hot and cold was beginning to look a bit disgraceful.

canada day2

It is suffering from material fatigue!  Do you know how to dispose of old flags?  It seems that if it isn’t a a consecrated one or a royal banner it can be burned.

The old flag mosaic is shared with Mosaic Monday.

So it was down with the old and up with the new in the back garden.

canada day1

For the front garden flag we added a Canada flag as well.  Usually this is a seasonal garden flag.


Wishing all my Canadian friends a happy and safe Canada Day.

cdn leaf sml

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

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