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In the summer I made some solar lights for on the deck using a glass container and some stained glass paint. The glass containers were purchased from the thrift store as a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

I simplified the pattern I used for some wind spinners, used some Gallery Glass paint from another project, a solar light an some flat gems.

a painted container solar light at
a painted container solar light at craftyg

I did the same pattern on opposite corners of the container.

a painted container solar light at craftyg

Perfect for the deck railing for lighting when it gets dark with the light reflecting on the flat gems.

a painted container solar light at

When it was time to bring the painted container inside I took out the solar light and replaced it with a tea light and holder. Works perfectly. You could also use one of the battery operated tea lights.

I love turning items that will otherwise be recycled into a decorative item for the home or garden. Here is what I did with two empty jars.

painted jars at

I painted random shapes on them. They don’t look that great when the paint is wet. But …

painted jars at

Once the black leading paint was added and the paint dried they looked much better. Adding a little candle inside make them look even better.

painted jars at

And when you want to extinguish the flame, just screw on the lid.

Here is a glass container and part of an old lace table cloth that I turned into a lace lantern.

creating a lace lantern at

I also use glass containers (purchased from thrift store) to store shells and interesting stones.

glass vases at

I used Gallery Glass paint by Plaid and this is not a sponsored post.  I purchased my paint at Gallery Glass is a water soluble glass, and technically recommended for projects that will be outside.

garden line

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