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The beaver is Canada’s national animal. Not everyone appreciates the beaver, and many think it is a nuisance. The beaver is the symbol on the Canadian nickel.

The beaver, Baxter, can communicate with the jay in the story but not the human. And of course the humans can’t understand the beaver.

The Christmas Beaver by Mike Martin

Prompted by the jay, Baxter follows the human and see another smaller human in the water. He has a way to save the human.

For days afterwards the beaver found treats on the ice by his lodge. Where did they come from?

The Christmas Beaver by Mike Martin

What a delightful story about how a beaver helps rescue a child and how gift giving affects him.

Be sure to read Mike’s other Christmas book, A Friend for Christmas.

A Friend for Christmas and The Christmas Beaver by Mike Martin

Be sure to check out other books by Mike Martin that I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed.

As I’m a former primary school teacher I recommend these books to read at home or school. Both are heart warming stories sharing the qualities of trust, family and friendship.

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