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My favourite author of the Sgt Windflower series, Mike Martin, has two wonderful books out for children.

A Friend for Christmas is the story of a rabbit family and how they survived during the winter. Robbie, even though scared, would go out and try to forage for food, while Rowena looked after the 9 kits. Did you know a baby rabbit is technically called a kitten, or referred to as kits?

A Friend for Christmas by Mike Martin

The 9 kits eagerly awaited Dad’s return and always asked what kind of food did he find for them.

A Friend for Christmas by Mike Martin

Even though Robbie was afraid of meeting a cat, he went out daily in search of food. He wasn’t afraid of the ‘tall creatures’ who were decorating for Christmas. His friend Sidney, a squirrel, explained it to him. Then one day he encountered the cat, whose name was Whisper.

A Friend for Christmas by Mike Martin

Even though scared, Robbie was also curious. The cat has said not to be afraid and that he wanted to be friends.

A Friend for Christmas by Mike Martin

Eventually Robbie gathered enough trust to make a new friend for Christmas and the kits had a wonderful time playing with Whisper.

A lovely story about overcoming fear, being strong, and facing what scares you.

A Friend for Christmas Facebook page or page. Be sure to get one for yourself, your kids, or your grandkids. You’ll also love the wonderful illustrations by Shey Kolee.

The Christmas Beaver is another story written by Mike Martin.

A Friend for Christmas and The Christmas Beaver by Mike Martin

As I’m a former primary school teacher I recommend these books to read at home or school. Both are heart warming stories sharing the qualities of trust, family and friendship.

Be sure to check out other books by Mike Martin that I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed.

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