Garden Under ‘Hosta’ge

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Just a little play on words … the gardens are under ‘hosta’ge.   The hostas are spreading and spreading and some have started to send up their flower spikes and one has even bloomed. I know the names of about 6 hostas.  I’m always doing research trying to find out names.   I get a suggestion and then check it out online and see some differences.  I’ve created my own naming system … green with white edges, green with cream edges, big dark green leaves, small light green leaves etc.


This is the north facing garden that I call the front shade garden.  There are 7 hostas here but 2 of them can’t be seen in the photo as they are closer to the window and new one last year.  The others have been in the garden for a few years.


Here is the view behind the big clump of green with white edged hosta.  Now you can see the 2 newer ones that are visible from this angle.


This is just a slightly different view and it include another hostas by the big pot of fuchsia.  This hostas is sending up the flower spikes.


A bit further along is the Bressingham Blue hosta which is always the first to blooms.


Another spot in the front garden beside the patio/path has a hosta with a potentilla shrub behind.  This shrub is covered in masses of yellow flowers this year.  The little frog friend has been in many spots in the garden (he looks like yours doesn’t he Linda from woke up, got out of bed) and this year he is helping with the digging by the front patio.


I love to create mosaic images and this one shows the different hostas in the garden.  I love all the shades of greens and the patterns on the leaves.


My latest adventures is pots under ‘hosta’ge.  The big one in the middle was given to me by a neighbour last year.  I didn’t have a spot in the garden at that time so used a big pot which I stored in the garden over the winter.  I was so pleased with how it survived and grew I started dividing bits off the other hostas and potting them up too.  The front patio area is now lined with 6 potted hostas.  The big clumps will need dividing next year so I’ll have more potted hostas.

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