Cruising on a Daycation

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Not so long ago on a lovely day in June we went on a daycation to the Peterborough Lift Locks.  This was a lovely day after many rainy days.


It is just under an hours drive from where we live through the scenic back roads of Stirling, Campbellford, Hastings and other little communities.  When you are on daycation you don’t have to rush and drive on the major highways, which are probably under construction at this time of the year.


It was a gorgeous day to watch the locks operate.  We started out on the lower side and then walked a lot of steps to get to the top side.  The locks lift and lower boats 19.8 m or 65 feet.  There are 2 lifts called caissons.  The locks operate by gravity with one going up and one going down at the same time.  After walking around the locks we drove the short distance into town to wait for the cruise.  There is a gorgeous harbour there and we enjoyed a lunch of subs while watching the ducks and geese swim around.


You can cruise the world’s highest hydraulic lift lock from Del Crary Park in Peterborough.  It is a 2 hour cruise which takes you through one of the locks and then down and up the lift locks.  We had a seat inside but were lucky enough to spend a lot of the time at the very front of the cruise boat.  Lots and lots of photo opportunities.


There were all sorts of signs along the cruise … perfect for sharing with Signs, Signs


The cruise boat was the first into the lock going down and as we were right at the front of the boat we had an amazing view.

The locks were designed by Richard Birdsall Rogers in 1896 and they were completed in 1904.  The Parks Canada visitor center has a great display on the building of the locks.

For more information about the Peterborough lift locks  you can visit this site or do search on Google.  You might also want to read about how the site might be haunted.

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