Making Small Garden Flags

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I’ve got two more garden flags to add to the collection.  While the grandkids were here on Friday they each made a small one.  For those that visit my site on a regular basis you will remember the big ones I made when we went to British Columbia.

Thanks once again to Wendy of September Violets who gave me lots of help and advice with this project

One of the small flags we made was an Autumn one for the upcoming season.  They are 12 inches x 18 inches when finished.

making a garden flag at

Miss S (age 5) traced her own arm and hand, in fact she did the hand twice.   This was done on freezer paper then cut out and ironed onto the fabric.  Put the waxy side down and the heat from the iron adheres it to the material.

making a garden flag at

Then it was time to paint, first with a brush and then with fingers.  Once the painting was finished it was time to peel away the freezer paper and then the finishing touches could be added.

making a garden flag at

Mr. R (age 8.5) chose to do his own image of a monster coming out of the water and eating a small shark.  He isn’t into doing crafts as much as his sister so a quick and simple one was great for him to do.  He loves reading, Lego and computer games.  He’s my go to guru for things like that.

making a garden flag at

It is quite effective with the sun behind it as you can really see the teeth (they don’t show that well in the photo)  Mr. R chose to add googly eyes instead of painting them on.

making a garden flag at

The fall tree is very colourful.  This could become a family tree with all members of the family helping to make one tree.

garden flags at

I had lots of fun working with all four grandkids while making these flags … lots of laughter, lots of memories and lots of love.

I’m sharing with Mosaic Monday.

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