The Sinkville Gnome Garden

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Over the years the gnome garden has had a few different homes.

Sinkville was created in 2016 and it went through several changes, got dismantled and ended up in several different places.

Sinkville 2022 at

The old sink was placed under one of the plant tables and forgotten about. But this year is has been pulled out, a layer of landscape fabric to cover the hole where the drain used to be, and filled with dirt and is ready for a new start.

Sinkville 2022 at

The little gnomes and other bits got repainted over the winter. And after a good spray of fixative they are ready to be reassembled and Sinkville is coming back to life.

Sinkville 2022 at

A couple of pieces of branches/logs became little houses and the door and windows were glued on. Then they were pushed into the soil.

Sinkville 2022 at

Other little bits and pieces were set up and a few small plants were added. In the photo above I used a rock to set the bistro set on, but as you can see it wasn’t flat enough and the chairs kept tipping over.

Sinkville 2022 at

I found a square plant pot holder (turned upside down) to use and it works perfectly.

Sinkville 2022 at

Next was to find a spot in the garden for it. I didn’t want it in the full sun so opted for a place in the front garden.

Sinkville 2022 at

I picked a spot in the front garden close to the edge of the patio. Growing all around are hosta, bleeding heart and lily of the valley. Right now most are just poking through the ground.

You never know what small treasures I’ll find on our walks to add to this garden area.

I’m sharing Sinkville with Mosaic Monday.

Lots of garden whimsy.

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11 Responses

  1. Linda

    I love Sinkville, it’s just the kind of place I would love to visit, the upturned pot for the bistro set is genius I can see the gnomes spending lots of time sitting in the sun haha. Have a lovely Sunday. x

  2. Angie

    Linda – delightful whimsy! A friend of mine is building a fairy house out of an old stump! Thanks for sharing with Mosaic Monday!

  3. Heidrun

    Travelling from one Post to the next … it’s each week interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  4. Lavender Dreams

    You know I LOVE this! The little table and chairs are very cute! I would pick up little nature things on our hike and add them if I ever make one! lol Always something fun to dream about!

  5. Debbie-Dabble

    I just love Sinkville!! I do my gnome/fairy garden in a large galvanized tub!! I adore those little chairs and table!! thanks so much for dropping by!!

    • Crafty Gardener

      I saw a photo of yours on your side Deb, it is lovely. Get Joe to keep a look out for a little table set. Enjoy the day.

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