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I always say I will remember where I plant certain things, I might remember for a few days but eventually I forget. Plants that vanish after blooming, like tulips, trilliums, crocus, daffodils and a few others are sometimes hard to remember where they are exactly planted.

While browsing through a garden catalogue I saw that I could buy rings that look like the top of pots, but they were a tad expensive at 3 for $12.  

Bing … lightbulb moment!  I could get some for free and with very little effort by cutting the tops off plastic containers and pots.

how to make remembe'ring' plant markers at

I started with some plastic containers, all different sizes, and cut the tops of them. The ring that was left was put over top of newly planted seeds so I could remember where they were.

trilliums growing in the remembe'ring' at

Then I used old plastic pots, cut the tops off (about an inch or two deep) and pushed them into the ground around plants. Trilliums vanish after they have bloomed so this is a fantastic way to remember where they are for next year.

tulips at

An old clay pot broke away and left the top ring, perfect for another remembe’ring’ around some tulip bulbs.

The trilliums are starting to bloom. You can see the remembe’ring’ better in this photo. I also have some candy cane shaped hooks that I pushed over the rim and into the ground to secure it in place over the winter.

trilliums growing inside a remembe'ring' at

Look at the various types of plant markers I have used over the years.

plant markers at

Now that black plastic is not recycable in our area (and maybe yours) making remembe’ring’s is a great way to use the black pots.

bottomless pots at

Another way to use them is to make bottomless pots. I can sink these a little way into hard or rocky ground, fill will good soil and plant in them. The roots eventually go down into the hard ground while having good soil to get established in. Just like mini raised gardens.

using bottomless pots at

How do you mark your plants? You should try making some remembe’ring’ markers for your garden.

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2 Responses

  1. Myrtle

    Linda, nothing you come up with for your gardens surprises me!. The small plastic rings for seeds would be great and then moving onto the bigger pot rings and black pots with no bottom, this one I have used some time ago.

  2. Linda

    What a great idea, I can never remember where things are either, I have already incorporated your bottomless pot idea now I’ll have to try this. As for labelling plants I started using rocks, painting a picture of the plant and it’s name onto the rock but some have really faded even though I used all the correct materials. I even find the names fade on ordinary labels when the ink is supposed to be permanent. I love all your label idea’s you’ve got me thinking. Have a great weekend. x

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