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I enjoyed reading Sea Glass Cottage by Irene Hannon. This title intrigued me as I am a collector of sea glass and wondered why the cottage was called this. I could also relate to the knee surgery that Beth had.

Sea Glass Cottage by Irene Hannon

Christi arrived in Hope Harbor to ask someone from her past, Jack, to give her a loan. No reasons were given till much later in the book. Was she desperate to ask this person, who turned out to have had a previous relationship with her?

Fog rolls in, which happens a lot on the coast and she is stranded by the cottage. Is it being in the right place at the right time or coincidence or fate?

Sea Glass Cottage by Irene Hannon

Having no connections in the city where she lived, should she make Hope Harbor her new home with a new job, new friends and try to mend her relationship with Jack?

She becomes friends with Beth who offers her a job while she recovers from knee surgery. Beth also has a troubled relationship that needs mending and this becomes the secondary plot in the book.

Jack needs to rebuild trust in Christi again. He has just discovered a daughter he has and has to get her to put trust in him also. Christi has changed but Jack remembers the old Christi and holds a lot of resentment towards her.

Will peace be restored between Christi and Jack?

In the cottage there is a window made of sea glass, that the original owner had made for his wife, but unfortunately she passed away before she could live in the cottage. When the new owners finally move into the cottage there is one last gift from the original owner. I’m hoping you read the book to find out what it is and the significance of the gift.

This is the 8th book in the series, A Hope Harbor Novel, so I will be searching out the others to read at the local library.

Sea Glass Cottage by Irene Hannon

I was sent these books to review from the Nuts About Books program at Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Publishing Group. After reading the books are donated to the Christian thrift store, the local library, shared with friends or left in little free libraries for others to enjoy.

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