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This book reinforced a lot of things I already do due to IBS and Diverticulosis. These things include setting personal goals following a shopping list, find and use healthy recipes, get quality sleep and don’t weigh yourself daily. I also keep a food diary, which reinforces healthy things like fruit, veggies and protein.

I really like the saying used in the book “Waste is not good for your waist.” Learn when you have had enough and stop. It reminded readers that it is okay not to finish food when at home or eating out (either save the portion for another time, or if eating out send home with your companion) and not to finish up food that your child leaves.

Hydration is important. I use a recommended tip to have a visual reminder of the water you ned to drink. A jug on the counter is a reminder to drink it up by the end of the day. The book recommends cutting own on caffeine an alcohol, which aren’t issues for me as I don’t consume these things.

The book really didn’t deal in specific foods that are/could be triggers related to my issues but instead gave various strategies to use to help you reach your goals.

I was sent these books to review from the Nuts About Books program at Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Publishing Group. After reading the books are donated to the Christian thrift store, the local library, shared with friends or left in little free libraries for others to enjoy.

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    • Crafty Gardener

      This one wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was sent to me to review. The Sarah Sundin book that I also got was very good. I’m going to look for more of her books at the library.

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