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The twig trees have some new sea glass tree ornaments added this year.

the twig tree at

The wooden discs were cut from dried branches. Each is about 5.5 cm across. The dimensions will vary according to the branches you use. I don’t like them cut too thin so 1 cm in thickness is good for me.

wooden discs at


  • wooden discs
  • sea glass
  • twine
  • glue
making sea glass trees at
sea glass was collected at Clover Point, Victoria, BC

Arrange the green sea glass into a tree shape and add a brown sea glass piece for the trunk. When you are happy with the arrangement glue it down. I usually arrange the glass on one piece of wood, and on a second piece add the glue and then transfer the shape over piece by piece. To press into place I usually use a toothpick or a needle, that way you don’t get the glue on your fingers.

making sea glass trees at

Thread a piece of twine through the hole and they are ready to hang. You can also do a tree on the other side, or a wood burned tree shape.

Simple, quick and natural. As well as using them for tree ornaments they could be added to a package, given as a small gift for the person that loves natural things, used as a gift tag by adding the name or photo on the back. You could even make them on larger wood circles and use as a wall hanging. You are only limited by your own imagination.

making sea glass trees at
This was my inspiration, made by daughter in BC.
Christmas line

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14 Responses

  1. Linda

    What a fabulous idea and what great gifts they would make. Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  2. Myrtle Thomas

    I love coming here to see what you have done this time. The sea glass trees are very pretty.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks Myrt. I have lots of sea glass from our BC visits and I’m always trying to find ways to use it.

  3. Julie C

    They look wonderful Linda. Those wooden discs look better than bought ones which cost a little to much.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Julie, I have found the store bought discs are usually thin as well as expensive. We have lots of branches in the brush piles to use up. Hope you are keeping well.

  4. Margy

    Was the sea glass from your trip to Vancouver Island? There’s some on Texada across from Powell River but I haven’t gone over to gather any. I did buy a necklace from a local made from Powell Lake lake glass, broken bottles at the former Shinglemill where we now keep our boat. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      Yes it was Margy. Lots of the smaller pieces came from Clover Point in Victoria, and the larger pieces I used in other projects came from other beaches. The beach in Sidney, just by the pier has lots and lots, in fact it is called the glass beach.

  5. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda

    The sea glass ornaments are beautiful.
    I am starting my one row scarves for my sisters back home for Christmas. I have to get them in the mail soon.

    Take care.

  6. Margie

    These are so cute! Love the contrasts in textures between the wood vs glass.

  7. Debbie-Dabble

    These are so pretty! Love them! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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