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Until Leaves Fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin

The setting is 1940 in Paris and the Germans are occupying the city. Lucie Girad, now 26, has lived in Paris since she was a young girl and she considers Paris her home. Paul Aubrey, a widower, an engineer with his own factory that produces race cars, wanted to leave with his young daughter (Josie) and return to the USA but was persuaded to stay, convert his factory to producing trucks and become a collaborator and share info with the USA about the Nazis.

Lucie, who bought the bookstore from her Jewish friends who had to return to the USA, met Paul and his daughter in her bookstore. They both have secrets to hide, and can’t tell each other without revealing their involvement.

Many events happen leading to the discovery that they are both working for the resistance. When they decide to leave Paris when there is no other choice, many obstacles, heartbreaks, and delays are revealed in the story. It became a compelling read towards the end of the book to see if Lucie, Paul and his daughter Josie make it safely back to America.

I was sent these books to review from the Nuts About Books program at Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Publishing Group. After reading the books are donated to the Christian thrift store, the local library, shared with friends or left in little free libraries for others to enjoy.

I really enjoyed reading this book and have searched out others by the author at the library. Thanks for the opportunity to preview this book. This book was donated to the local library as they did not have a print copy of it.

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    hmmm… less of a book review than a book report. You didn’t say if you enjoyed it or not. Would be most excellent if you added that to your report. 🙂

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