Crafts: A Bit of Flag Whimsy

Even though I haven’t been posting much I’m always busy creating crafty things for the garden.   Awhile ago I made a Canadian flag using odd bits of material and a coat hanger.

I love it when a project comes together and doesn’t cost anything at all, except for a bit of thinking and working time.  I used a white plastic hanger, some red and white material, some red paint, a maple leaf and some freezer paper.

making a Canada flag out of material strips at

With pinking shears I cut the red fabric into 8 equal strips and the white into a big enough piece for the maple leaf and then 4 strips.  I used a maple leaf from one of the back trees to trace for the pattern.  Once it was cut out on the freezer paper I ironed it onto the bigger white strip of material.

making a Canada flag out of material strips at

By ironing the fabric it seals it to the material so that you get nice crisp edges when painting.  It doesn’t matter if you go over the edge of the leaf stencil as the freezer paper is peeled away once it is dry.

making a Canada flag out of material strips at

All the strips had been folded over at the top and cut into 2 tabs.  This was to knot them onto the coat hanger.  The bigger piece of white material with the maple leaf on it had tabs on both sides.

making a Canada flag out of material strips at

Then it was time to hang the flag in the garden and watch it flutter in the breeze.

While making this flag I was mulling over the idea of cutting the centre piece to match the rest of the flag.  The second flag has the centre cut into strips and it is tied onto a branch for a bit more rustic look.

making a Canada flag out of material strips at

Canadian flag rocks are always fun to paint. Perfect for the garden or as a drop rock to leave for others to find.

how to paint Canada flag rocks at

I made a small template of a maple leaf to trace onto some rocks that were painted white. And then added red stripes on each side of the rock.

how to paint Canada flag rocks at

Have you created anything for the garden lately?

make a Canada flag at

More flag whimsy – make a Canada flag from rocks

Girl Guide swaps at

Here are a couple of flag crafts I made when I was a Girl Guide leader.

Wishing all my Canadian readers/subscribers a wonderful Canada Day.

A happy upcoming July 4th for all my American readers/subscribers.

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Lots of garden whimsy.

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6 Responses

  1. Vondean Erickson

    The flag is so nice. I have a United State Flag I have up everyday.
    I did some watering this morning before it gets too hot.
    My sister and a lot of my friends in Iowa and Illinois are having all the smoke from Canada fires. They sent me pictures and looked like a foggy day. They stay in. I feel so bad for the firemen and people who have lost houses and buildings.
    I have a grandson who was a fireman here in California. Not a pleasant job.
    Take care and nice hearing from you.

  2. Marie

    What lovely Canada Day projects Linda! I will have to do at least one for next year! Thank you for sharing! Happy Canada Day! xo

  3. Debbie- Dabble

    Love the flag and adore those sweet rocks…So cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope the smoke is better where you live…It has now dissipated here and we are finally seeing blue skies even though it is in the 90’s with terribly high humidity!! I hope your week has been great!!

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