Crafts: Making Bigger Snowflakes

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What better time than than the first snowfall (in my part of Ontario) of the season to share my pattern for making bigger snowflakes from plastic canvas and yarn.

Feelings about snow change through the years, from exciting when young, to changing driving habits when working to being able to stay home when retired. Now the part I like about sNOw is the no in the middle.

Just like in Nature snowflakes come in all sizes. Last year I decided to make my plastic canvas snowflakes a bit bigger.

The size difference is notable in the two templates I use.

making plastic canvas snowflakes at

On any plastic canvas work I count holes (not threads as a lot of people do). This is the template I make to make cutting out the shapes easier. I just place it on top of the sheet of plastic canvas I want to use (usually a clear sheet) and cut around it. The whole piece is 19 holes x 19 holes.

making plastic canvas snowflakes at

The white lines indicate the direction of the sewing, of course the whole snowflake is covered in with stitches. I use worsted weight white yarn and a pc needle. But the choice is yours to determine how to do the stitching. You are only limited by your own imagination.

making plastic canvas snowflakes at

Overcast stitching is done around the outside.

Make two pieces like this and then you snap them together the same as the small ones (pattern for small one too) Save the image to your computer for reference if you need to (right click gives that option)

I added a sequin star to the centre of each one just for a little bling. To some of them I even sprinkled on a bit of glitter.

Here is a comparison of the two sizes of plastic canvas snowflakes that I make.

making plastic canvas snowflakes at

The snowflake/nature twig tree in December 2021 which is in the entrance hall.

making plastic canvas snowflakes at

There are also lots of big and small plastic canvas snowflakes and wooden snowflakes on the tree. I love how it reflects in the wall mirror.

the snowflake tree at

I love using twigs and branches to make other versions of the nature tree.

Christmas line

Making snowflakes:

Feeling inspired? See lots more ideas on my Christmas page.

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  1. Debbie- Dabble

    First of all, THANK you for your visit and your kind comment on my new flocked Tree…I do love it and who could resist that price!! I also make turkey soup with the turkey bones…so good!! I love these sweet snowflakes!! So pretty!! And they look great on that branch tree! thanks for sharing!!

  2. kim faubert

    I will give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

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