Crafts: Wooden Snowflakes

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This is how I made some wooden snowflakes.

You need:

  • some branches, about 7 cm or 3 inches wide,
  • a wood burning tool,
  • a saw to cut them
  • a drill to add the holes
  • your imagination for the images
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Before it got too cold and snowy I went to the back of the garden where we keep lots of brush and sorted out some branches and bought them inside to be sure they were dry before cutting.

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The first job after drying was to cut the wooden discs, about 2 cm or half inch thick. It was a challenge to get a clear photo of the saw and drill when they were in motion.

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It was interesting to see the different colours of the discs once they were cut, obviously from different trees.

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We have a very old wood burning tool, but it still works and after heating it up I made some designs that reminded me of snowflakes. I threaded some garden twine through the holes and they were ready to hang on the nature tree.

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This was a fun, quick and easy craft to make. I’ve got more to make and think I will use some of them as gift tags. You could wood burn any design (image or words). You are only limited by your own imagination.

After awhile I branched out a bit (pardon the pun) …. and did Christmas trees.

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Nature crafts – using shells, rocks, driftwood, sea glass, pinecones

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My wooden snowflakes were featured at Handmade Monday and To Grandma’s House We Go.

Homemade Monday feature

15 Responses

    • Crafty Gardener

      I had lots of fun making these Diane and I love natural things too. Thanks for the good wishes, but here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, enjoy the good food and family and friends.

  1. Audra @ Renewed Projects

    Very sweet ornaments! And I’m with you, I craft for enjoyment, too. I tried the selling route: booth, craft fairs, Etsy shop, and it sucked a lot of the creative freedom out crafting. It was too stressful wondering if what I was making/selling was going to help me break even on supplies…forget the time!

  2. Julie

    Lovely! I love that you cut your own woodslices too.
    These will be a feature at Handmade Monday next week 🙂

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