Little Bird Feeder Ornaments

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Nature related ornaments are lovely to hang on the tree.  Several years ago when I was in a plastic canvas crafting mode I made some little bird feeder ornaments.
I got them out a few days ago to hang on the tree and thought I would post a little tutorial how to make them.  I’m not sure how many people still stitch on plastic canvas.  It certainly isn’t as popular a stitching craft as crochet, knitting, and cross stitch.

  • Supplies needed:
  • 7 count plastic canvas
  • little plastic cups
  • small amounts of red and white yarn
  • small quantity of bird seed
  • tiny birds
little bird feeder ornament at
  • cut a 9×9 hole piece of plastic canvas
  • cut a 15×15 hole piece of plastic canvas

If you want them a little bigger, just adjust the size of the plastic canvas.

little bird feeder ornament at

Cover both squares with stitching using any pattern you wish.  Be sure to stitch around the edges of each square to finish it off.  Add a loop to the center of the biggest square for hanging on the tree.

little bird feeder ornament at

Glue the bottom of the little cup onto the center of the smallest square.  Add a bit of bird seed to the cup. Then glue the bigger square onto the top of the cup.  Glue on a tiny bird.  Let dry and hang onto your tree.

little bird feeder ornament at

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  1. Teresa

    So cute! I love them!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

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