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Don’t lose those keys!

This is an idea that I have come up with to stop your keys from getting lost in the bottom of your purse or bag.

I’ve had an empty key ring on my work bag for several years now and I always clip my keys onto it so I have quick access to them at the end of a busy day.  All you have to do is attach a clasp to your keyring.

don't lose your keys

So I thought that I would make some that were a bit fancier for gifts for Christmas this year.

They are made out of 14 count plastic canvas.  I used some patterns that were originally created for coasters on 7 count plastic canvas and stitched them with 6 strands of embroidery floss.

plastic canvas key fob

Once you cut out the plastic canvas, you can bend one end and slip the keyring over and through to the center strip.  You then stitch the pattern on, and fold over to overcast stitch together.  The square part of the plastic canvas is 17 threads x 17 threads and the joining part is 5 threads wide.  Of course it all has to be cut out in one piece.  I have also made some plain coloured ones with initials on them, but showing them on my blog might be a clue as to who is getting one as a gift.

Many years ago when I was involved in Girl Guides of Canada I made lots of these to give to other guiders.  You can see them here with a trefoil design on them.  I’m attaching that pattern to give you an idea of what the piece of plastic canvas looks like before stitching as I forgot to take a photo of the canvas before stitching it.

making a trefoil key fob from plastic canvas at

If  you are looking for other Girl Guide swaps and hat crafts you can find lots of my ideas here.

This pattern piece is 20 holes wide by 60 holes long, with the center piece being one 5 holes wide.  The other parts are cut away.  I probably made it a bit smaller when I made some key fobs.

I found some really nice clasps at a local craft store.

You attach the clasp to the keyring that the plastic canvas is joined to.  The extra keyring is clipped on.  I’m going to attach a small direction card as well so that the recipient knows what to do.

You can convert any keychain just by adding a clasp to it and the putting the extra ring inside your bag/purse. You very often see people with their keys attached to the loop on their jeans but for that you would need a much larger clasp.

Why don’t you give it a try and you will never have to go digging to the bottom of your bag again.

sewing line

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  1. Susan

    Hello from semi-lockdown! Great little project to use up bits of yarn and scraps of plastic canvas.

    I make key fobs like these that hold the quarter you need for a grocery cart and slightly larger ones for loonies (yup, I’m Canadian too). Although I make them from 7 count so they are quick, you could adapt for 14 count.
    Before stitching, just cut a slit 2 or 3 holes threads high leaving at least 1 hole intact on each end. I put my slit 2 holes down from the center piece.
    Note: before stitching, check that your coin fits through the slit!

    I have used my Quarter Keeper for more than 18 months. Although I recently noticed the coin had fallen out a couple of times, it is fine when I make sure to tuck it under the top of the slit.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Susan, thanks so much for the idea of the quarter keeper. I’ve been working on doing updates to various posts and when I do this one, is it alright to include your idea? I’ll give credit to you. I’ll try one with 7 count canvas instead of 14. Though I do find with the 14 count you can stitch a bit more detail.
      What part of Canada are you in? I’m in Ontario, and my part of the province is in phase 2 (for a couple of weeks now) In our health unit area we have not had any new cases since May 18, and the last of the active cases has been cleared. Just this week when I went to No Frills I had to use a quarter for the cart, they had just started it.
      The heat and humidity continues for a few more days in Ontario.
      I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit today.

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