Birds: The Feeders are Busy

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Watching the birds at feeding time is always interesting.   So many varieties flit in and out.  We have two feeder poles in the garden, each with four types of feeders on them.  Both are located fairly close to trees so the birds can take shelter if necessary. There are other types of feeders in different locations around the garden.

Enjoy some of the backyard visitors.

The female grosbeak on the coconut feeder.

the female grosbeak at

The male grosbeak at the coconut feeder.

the male grosbeak at

The red bellied woodpecker at the peanut feeder.

a red bellied woodpecker at

The nuthatch loves the peanut feeder too.

the nuthatch at

The oriole at the new oriole feeder.

the oriole at the feeder at

The male ruby throated hummingbird at the same oriole feeder.  There is a hummingbird feeder on the other side of this pole but the hummer seems to prefer this feeder.  Perhaps it is the nice landing ring all around that attracts it, because the food is the same.

a hummingbird at the feeder at

The feeder pole at the back of the garden is busy at dinner time.  This one is located fairly close to the honeysuckle shrub for snacking on the berries when seeds or nuts aren’t the choice.

at the feeder pole at

This young grosbeak was rescued after a loud thunk on the front window.  At first it didn’t move and we got worried, but after a minute or two being held in some warm hands and then being placed into the garden it recovered and flew back to its family.

a young grosbeak rescued at

Happy bird watching.  Nature never fails to amaze me.


Have a look at some more of my lens friends photos.

the gardener side at

11 Responses

  1. Tammy S Asad

    How lovely! You do get a wide variety of visitors. Even little hummers need to rest their wings sometimes. 🙂 I love bird watching.

  2. lavender dreamer

    Ohhh…that little Grosbeak is so sweet! I hope he is flying high today! Love the colors of the oriole too. We haven’t seen those two here. But we have a hummer that should be FAT…he eats all day long! We love our feeders and watching the birds. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      He seemed to make a full recovery and rejoined the family in the back garden. The hummer is at the feeder all the time, hummers have the fastest metabolism of all birds so need to fill up frequently. It is amazing they can fly so far at migration time. Have a lovely day.

  3. Myrtle

    Thanks for sharing all the birds feeding, yes you do have a lot of differnt birds comining to visit all the different feeders you have. They would be so intertaining to sit out on a nice day and watch

  4. Daniel LaFrance

    I applaud your efforts as a caretaker and friend to birds. Keeping all the feeders clean, and making different types of feed is a commitment of your time and money. All told, we get to see different types of birds at different stages in their development not to mention their behaviour.
    Bottom line it’s fun too!

    Your photos and close-up of the young Grosbeak are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lynn James

    Wow, what stunning pictures of birds and a hummingbird! I saw my first hummingbird in the wild in Corsica 3 weeks ago I was so excited but not quick enough to take a snap

  6. Margy

    The oriole feeder is interesting. Looks like something that my blue jay couldn’t knock the seeds out of. What other kinds of birds will use it? What kind of seeds do you use? Do you think it would work for sparrows and juncos? – Margy

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