A Coconut feeder

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A coconut feeder is an inexpensive and quick way to add a feeder to your garden.

We have a couple of coconut feeders in the garden and recently while the grandkids were visiting we made another one.

Start with a fresh coconut that can be purchased at the grocery store.  At one end there are 3 almost holes that need to be drilled first.  Once the holes are made you can pour out the coconut milk.

how to make a coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca

The grandkids tried a sip of it but weren’t really impressed with it.

how to make a coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca

The next step us to cut away one quarter of the coconut.  The first cut goes half way through the middle of the coconut. Then turn the coconut on its end (holes up) and cut down half way again.  That part of the shell can be pulled away.  Then it’s time to pry out the coconut inside.  This is always nice to nibble on, use in recipes, or even give to the birds to eat.

 a coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca

Wire is poked through the drilled holes to form a loop, fill with seed and hang your feeder outside and enjoy the lens friends that visit.  Here is a little junco sitting almost inside the feeder.

a coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca   a coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca

The male and female grosbeak like to visit the feeder in the summer.  We either fill with black oil sunflower seed or safflower seed.  A small hole drilled in the bottom will help with drainage.

a coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca

Mr and Mrs finch visit the feeder at the same time.  The above photos are of coconut feeders that have been out in the garden for a few years and the shell is now smooth and not hairy like the new feeder.

Here’s the coconut feeder filled with suet.  Have a look at the half coconut feeders.


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