How to Make a Half Coconut Feeder

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You can turn a coconut into a feeder with a few simple steps.

This is the second style of coconut feeder we’ve made for the garden.

The birds love them filled with homemade suet.

After buying your coconut, drill a hole in the bottom to drain out the milk.  Then cut the coconut in half and remove the coconut meat.  You are left with 2 halves of the shell.  A drainage hole was added into the other half and both were fastened onto a piece of wood.

making a coconut feeder at

I fill these halves with the homemade all season suet recipe and pop them into the freezer for a little while till they are set.  This piece of wood is set on the platform feeder.  You could set it up in many different places.  Just be careful it is out of reach of squirrels as they just might take devour it all or even take the whole things away for munching on later.  Here is the other style of coconut feeder that we made that we hang in the trees.

enjoying suet in the coconut feeder at

It doesn’t take the birds long to check out the new feeder.

enjoying suet in the coconut feeder at

And once they realize there is a tasty treat inside they come back time after time.

enjoying suet in the coconut feeder at

We only have the odd startling over the winter and this one found the suet.  I love all the speckles over their body and they have just the perfect beak for pecking into the suet.

enjoying suet in the coconut feeder at

Being on the flat feeder means more birds can enjoy it at a time.

enjoying suet in the coconut feeder at

Even after the snow the other morning, the blue jay came in looking for a snack.  He got there before I was ready to head outside and clear the snow away.


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