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We have quite a collection of different feeders in the garden and we keep them filled all year round … probably at least 18.  The feathered lens friend that visit are our reward for doing this.

This was a new feeder last summer and it really attracts the birds.  It has 2 sides with different mesh coverings.

double feeder1a

As well as landing on the perches the little chickadees and finches will cling to the mesh.  The cardinal will also come to this feeder.


The cardinals other favourite feeder is right beside it with safflower seed.  The cardinal prefers to sit on the rim but you can see the woodpecker in the background on the mesh with the balck oil seed.

the feeder pole after a November snow storm at craftygardener.ca

The feeders are on a couple of poles and in the trees and bushes.   The base of this pole is one of the metal umbrella stands and the pole is an old aluminum one from a washing line.  Plant brackets were added to hang the feeders on.  This photo was taken after a big snowfall at the end of November 2013.

sparrow at the coil feeder at craftygardener.ca starling at the coil feeder at craftygardener.ca

The red coil feeder is great for suet balls and peanuts.  It will attract all sorts of birds from bluejays, sparrow, chickadees, gold finches, starlings and more.


A collection of some of the other feeders in the garden.

pole feeder1a

Another pole feeding station is made from a metal umbrella base and the pole from an old umbrella.  The canvas ripped and was discarded long ago but the pole continues to get lots of good use.  It has 4 different feeders on it … a nyger feeder, a suet feeder, a peanut feeder and a black oil feeder.


Back in November 2013 we added a baffle to this feeder.  Those cheeky squirrels could easily climb the wooden pole.  Now it is a challenge for them!  The baffle didn’t quite fit around the pole so my husband just sanded away a little channel for it to fit into.


In good weather the seed that drops from the feeder just slips right off the baffle onto the ground. But when it snows the baffle becomes a feeder for the little birds.  The snow collects on the baffle, the seed drops and sticks in the snow and the little juncos, goldfinches and sparrows will land there for a snack.

woodysuet1a suet chickadee2a

Don’t forget to make some all season suet or some muffins for the birds.

ABC Wednesday letter of the week is B.  My choices for B are for bird feeders and baffles.

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