That’s Charming

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This is like a search and find series of photos.  But once you find the charm of goldfinches, you will have no trouble spotting them in the other photos.

For a few days we have had a large charm or flock of goldfinches swooping around the back fields.  The photos don’t do them justice and could be in the category of some of the worst photos I’ve taken.  But they move so quickly that even with the rapid fire button on my Canon camera many were blurry and I sent more photos to the trash than I saved.

a charm of goldfinches at

A large group of goldfinches is called a charm.  And they are certainly charming to see.

The sun was shining and their wings were picking up all the rays and sparkling as they flew around.

a charm of goldfinches at

The photos do look similar but I did try to get a series of different shots to share.

a charm of goldfinches at

They didn’t settle anywhere for very long, but would touch down in the field and quickly lift up again.

a charm of goldfinches at

The fields are more bare than usual this winter, so were they looking for food?

a charm of goldfinches at

The goldfinches haven’t been at the feeders for awhile.  I guess they are all off having fun with their friends.

a charm of goldfinches at

Have you spotted a charm of goldfinches?

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