Drink Cozies

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When working I used these cozies all the time for my water containers.  I used to partially freeze the water in the container and then top with cold water.  As the day went on the frozen part melted and kept the water cold.  The cozy absorbed the condensation on the container.

water bottle cozies at craftygardener.ca

I switched from plastic bottles to stainless steel containers to eliminate recycling all the plastic bottles.

Since retiring the cozies only come out when the water containers are used.   But recently I’ve found a new use for these bottle cozies … I use them to put on wine bottles in the fridge to stop the bottles from clinking together.  Now these cozies could be used on any glass bottle in the fridge to stop annoying clinking when the door opens and closes.

wine bottle cozies at craftygardener.ca

The covers shown are made from worsted weight yarn or cotton yarn and will fit water bottles, stainless steel bottles and pop cans and even wine bottles.

You need a 4.5 mm crochet hook and small amounts of worsted weight or cotton yarn. These are great for using up those odds and ends in your stash.

Round 1 – Chain 4 and join to make a circle.

Round 2 – 7 dc in circle, join last to first to complete round

Round 3 – 2 dc in each dc (14 stitches), join last to first to complete round

Round 4 – ch 3 (first dc) *(2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc), repeat to end, join last to first to complete round

Round 5 and on – ch 3 (first dc), dc in each dc, join at end of round – this starts to make the sides, continue doing this till you get to the desired height, changing colours every 2 rounds makes a nice pattern.

For the tie I just did a row of crochet of 75 (or long enough to go around bottle and tie), thread this through the stitches on the top row.

This pattern is great for using up small amounts of yarn as doing each row in a different colour makes a really nice cover.

This pattern is easily adjustable to fit the width of the bottle or drink container.

Here are my wine bottle hats.

cork cozy from craftygardener.ca
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4 Responses

  1. Kea

    Those wine bottle hats are so cute. And I love the idea of using the cosies to keep bottles from clinking together — seems like a common sense idea, but it never would have occurred to me. (And I like to think I have some common sense, but apparently not as much as I believed I did. Ha.)

  2. Margie

    What a clever idea! I was gifted a cup cozie which I use for take-out drinks (like Starbucks) while I’m out and about.

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