Crochet: National Granny Square Day

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August 15 is national granny square day.  A granny square was the very first pattern I learned to crochet and since then I’ve used it in many, many patterns.

This post was shared a couple of years ago but in honour of National Granny Square Day I have bumped it up.

For National granny square day I’m sharing some of my favourite items.  Here is my very first blanket from about 1976.  I’ve improved a lot since then.

granny square lapghans at

My favourite granny square purse is Inga’s crocheted bag.  I just tweaked it a bit and took out the squares that formed the bottom.

I liked it so much I made more in different colours.

blue granny square bag at

And here are some bags all stacked up, lots of ‘purse’onality to use. These bags are the start of lots of conversations when I’m out.

granny square bags at

My granny stripe shawl gets lots of use over the winter.

granny stripe shawl at

Granny square lapghans are perfect for wrapping over your legs on a chilly evening.

granny square lapghans at

Granny square and granny stripe afghans use up all the odds and ends of yarn.

stash granny afghan at

These are van-ghans, kept in the vehicle and perfect for grandkids to wrap up in after swimming lessons.

granny stripe blankets at

Have you got a favourite granny square to share for National granny square day? Mine is the Thoroughly Modern Granny pattern, by Kathleen Reber. I love the loops at each corner that are pulled through to the next round. This is now considered a vintage pattern originally from The Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans (book out of print)

granny square lapghans at
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10 Responses

  1. Nicola

    I love granny squares. They are classic! Much as I love to look at fancy versions, I still default to the basic one for ease of crocheting.

  2. linda

    Hi Linda…
    Guess you are the Granny Square Queen!!?
    I am still working on my Campfire Cardigan…made out of 2 big Granny Squares…need to finish that darn thing!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week…
    Linda :o)

  3. Linda

    What would we do without the humble granny square, it’s the first thing I teach in my crochet classes, I can’t count the number of granny things I have made throughout the years, I think the first must have been a pram cover for my firstborn in 1977. You have made so many lovely granny projects I’m off to see your projects on Ravelry, have a great weekend. xx

  4. Myrtle

    playing games with my fingers I have a friend who crochet to and very good at it.
    You dor beautiful work Linda,have a good day

  5. Vondean Erickson

    I enjoyed this so much and brought back so many memories of when my mother was teaching me to crochet. I had to do a lot of ripping out and start over. She never would let it pass if did not done right.

  6. Debbie- Dabble

    So many pretty granny squares!! Love them!! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!!

  7. arish

    Tus labores me parecen preciosas, adoro los cuadraditos de la abuela, los grannys.

    Translation: Your work seems precious to me, I adore the squares of the grandmother, the grannys.

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