A Quarter Keeper

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Are you always looking for a quarter to put into the shopping cart to release it? These cute little quarter keepers are quick and easy to make.

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how to make a quarter keeper at craftygardener.ca

At the beginning of the covid19 lock down, grocery stores didn’t charge you to get a shopping cart. But now restrictions are being lifted a bit, many stores have gone back to requiring a quarter to get the cart. You do get your quarter back when returning the cart to the proper area. Then the quarter goes back into your quarter keeper.


  • plastic canvas, 32 holes long x 9 holes wide
  • a bit yarn
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle
  • key ring

Lately whenever I search it takes me to Pinterest, but lots of the images there don’t link back to the original site which posted the idea. I like to give credit whenever possible. If you pin my images please make sure they link back to my website. I appreciate that.

how to make a quarter keeper at craftygardener.ca
hole measurements

After cutting out the plastic canvas, I carefully cut a slot on one side. This is for the money to slip into. Be sure to try fitting the quarter into the slot before stitching, remembering the yarn will make the slot a bit smaller.

how to make a quarter keeper at craftygardener.ca

Some places require a $1 or a loonie for the cart, so I also came up with a loonie keeper as well. The size is just slightly larger to fit the loonie.

how to make a dollar keeper at craftygardener.ca

Now they are made it is time to decide where to keep them so you will always have it when you go grocery shopping.

how to make a quarter or a loonie keeper at craftygardener.ca

You want them handy, so they can be fitted onto your key ring. I think the best place is on the reusable shopping bag I take into the store. Here is how I changed a bag with advertising on it into a good reusable shopping bag with purse-onality. I also keep some loose change in the van, but having it on the bag means it is always handy.

how to make a quarter keeper at craftygardener.ca

A visitor to my site told me how she uses one made from plastic canvas. I revisited my key fob pattern and made some adjustments. Thanks Susan.

key chains/fobs made with plastic canvas and embroidery floss at craftygardener.ca
my original pattern for a key fob

My original key fob idea was made for a Guiding event. I also added a clasp so that it could be attached to a keyring or a ring inside your bag so the keys didn’t drop to the bottom of the bag.

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9 Responses

  1. Linda

    What a great idea! I can never find a pound coin when I go to the supermarket and usually end up just having to lug a heavy basket around. I may have to adapt the size a bit for a pound coin but I’ll give it a go.
    Thank you for the great idea you left on my blog I’ll have to give it some thought, I’m visiting Mikey today so I’ll have a look at his book collection. Have a great Sunday.xx

  2. Margie

    Another clever idea!

    I’m fortunate that the the carts from my local supermarkets don’t require a quarter.

  3. Michelle

    So cute! I was trying to figure out why anyone would need to carry a quarter. Shopping carts! Interesting. We don’t need quarters for shopping carts in the United States, but some states charge ten cents per bag in order to encourage you to bring your own. (At least before Covid-19.)

    Thank you for sharing with Creative Compulsions!

    • Crafty Gardener

      There is a 5 cent charge for plastic bags here in Ontario Canada, but I always take my own reusable bags. At the beginning of the covid19 lockdown stores wouldn’t let you use your own bags so gave the plastic ones free along with the shopping cart, but now the fees are back again.

      • Michelle

        We always took our own reusable bags to our local market, even though our state (Nevada) doesn’t require it. But having lived in California where they do charge for bags, got us well trained. We can’t use our bags for the time being. As you know, America hasn’t even begun to get handle on this. The ineptness and stupidity makes me cuss. So I’ll end this comment here.


  4. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda,

    What a clever idea and plan to make some quarter keeper to put in greeting cards to send to my friends. The Aldi stores back in Iowa charge for a cart but you do get your quarter back when you return the cart to the cart rack. Grocery bags are 15 cents in some stores here in California. I always took my own bags but for awhile would not honor them in some stores.

    Take care

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