Bags with Purse-onality

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The reusable bag collection is always growing, usually with bags from stores/organizations with their own advertising on them. I’m not a fan of being a walking advertisement so I came up with a way to cover up what I don’t want to see with things from the Dabbling Room. I add some purse-onality to my bags.

crazy quilt blocks at

These crazy quilt blocks have been in the craft closet for years. A couple of years ago I used some to make some doll blankets for our granddaughter.

doll blankets made at

Now a couple of the remaining blocks have been used to cover the advertising on some really good quality black bags.

covering bags at

The blocks just needed pinning onto the bags and then sewn on with the sewing machine. A quick and easy project.

covering bags at

I’ve used the bags numerous times when out shopping and received lots of compliments.

covering bags at

Next up is to cover some more bags.

covering bags at

~Bags with purse-onality~

Have you upcycled any bags lately?

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10 Responses

  1. Ellen D.

    Those are clever and pretty! Great suggestion! Thanks!

  2. Kim

    That’s a great idea! I almost wish I sewed, seeing this! 🙂

    Stay well!

  3. Margy

    That makes the mundane into an artistic creation. Here in Bellingham (where we’ve decided to self-isolate rather than back home in Powell River) they no longer allow bags from home for health reasons. For a town that banned plastic bags, we are back to them to protect from spreading the virus. I’ve even gone to grocery pickup rather than shop on my own. I do miss the fun of looking at shelves and getting something on impulse, but feel the pickup option (even though it is more limited in choice) the safest option right now. How are you faring? – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      We are staying home too Margy. If you take your own bags now they won’t touch them so you pack them yourself. I prefer to do that anyways as they just toss things in with no care that the next item they toss in will squash the first one. Ordering online and pick up is not something we have tried, and the wait time for some stores is up to 3 weeks now. I do know that some things I used to order online were usually just delivered to the house (not grocery items) and now they aren’t delivering them, saying you must use the grocery option for everything. We did go to the grocery store last week, lots of precautions in place, no one really talking to anyone, just and in and out process and I did get all the things I wanted. We won’t go again till we run totally out of fresh things like milk and bread. I’ve always been a sale shopped so have a good supply of everything that is needed. Hope you and Wayne are doing well, good idea to stay in Bellingham as border crossing would be hard now. Stay safe and well.

  4. Margy

    So true. My bananas always get brown spots if I don’t tell the clerk to put them on the top. Our pickup wait is one week, but planning ahead and staying up to midnight to get a spot works. Stay safe and well. – Margy

  5. Michelle

    I love this idea! Your bags are so pretty now. I can see why you are getting compliments!


  6. Angela

    I have been considering covering bags with my crazy quilting as well. You did a great job!

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks for stopping by Angela. I love how my bags turned out, hope you cover some of your bags. Have a good day.

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