The Dabbling Room

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I have decided I’m a dabbling sort of person. I dabble a bit on this project, a bit on that project, get distracted and dabble on another project. I have decided to call the room I work in on my various crafts The Dabbling Room.

This is actually one of the front bedrooms, but we are in the process of moving the bed downstairs to the fourth bedroom and then I can have all the space for my various craft projects.

The Dabbling Room at

This is where I do a lot of my dabbling … sewing, painting, gluing etc. I frequently go shopping in the craft closet. Clear containers make it easy to find supplies, and there are boxes and bags of patterns and yarn.

the craft closet in the Dabbling Room at

There are always several projects on the go at one time. Right now I’m finishing off a fairy house, there are a couple of painted rocks on the go, doodling, and of course the knitting/crochet projects on the go.

The Dabbling Room at

Some projects in the photos are:

Are you a dabbling sort of person? What projects are you dabbling in at the moment?

a yarn line

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  1. Debbie-Dabble

    LOVE your Craft Room and since I am Debbie-Dabble, I do dabble in a lot of different things too like you!! LOL! Yes, we do have a lot in common….I am still one of those old time bloggers who has a Blog Roll because I believe in showing others the blogs that interest me so maybe they will take a look at them too! So many have become Professional bloggers and don’t do blog rolls anymore but that is how I found some of my favorite blogs!!
    Have a great weekend, my friend and I hope you get to do some dabbling!!

    • Crafty Gardener

      I had blogrolls up but when WordPress updated to the latest version they didn’t work properly. I need to work at fixing them again. I have a self hosted WordPress site, used to be on Blogger for ages, but family set this up for me several years ago, and I love it. Happy dabbling.

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