Calming Doodling

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The name zentangle is relatively new but the concept has been used for many, many years. Even the Mayans used this type of drawing. So did the Celts and the Native People. In 2003 Rick and Maria started the zentangle method.

creating zendoodles at
Zen-circles (personal info smudged out)

Did you ever use the Spirograph? draw with a compass? colour in doodle art posters? and much more If you did, you were basically using some zentangle patterns without even knowing it

creating zendoodles at
The zen-circles started by tracing the inside of a duct tape roll all over the paper and then filling in each area with a zentangle, (personal info smudged out)

An internet search will provide you with so many ideas you might just be overwhelmed and that defeats the purpose of getting calm. At the beginning of the Creative Crafting sessions I searched all sorts of things but after awhile I decided I could just create my own designs and ideas.

creating zendoodles at

I like the idea of starting with a simple shape, dividing it into sections and going from there. I took an idea and made it my own. I used to use that phrase a lot in teaching by showing examples and then telling the students to make it their own. If you aren’t a creative person there are many patterns and outlines that you can download and start with.

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This image started with a simple pattern (corner), Can you see the starting point in the picture? Then curved lines were added in several places. Zentangle patterns were used to fill in the spaces. (personal info smudged out)

It takes adult colouring to a new level. Instead of just filling in with one colour, or shading in areas, you can now add all sorts of squiggles, lines, circles, zig zags and more to make your colouring interesting.

creating zendoodles at
a zen-web (personal info smudged out)

This one started as a simple intersection of lines and formed into a web. Each section of the web was filled in with zentangle patterns.

creating zendoodles at

The next doodling added some colour. Naturally I chose green as it is my favourite colour. Did you know you enter a maze to get lost but you enter a labyrinth to find yourself?

creating zendoodles at
a zentangle labyrinth (personal info smudged out) Could this be called a zen-rinth?

I have even created zen-doodles on rocks. It was the perfect way to test out some ultra fine markers. The possibilities are endless.

(personal info smudged out)

It is simple, repetitive, calming, soothing, and eliminates stress.

I used ultra fine markers to add some colour to a doodle bird and a doodle flower. You are only limited by your own imagination.

creating zendoodles at
a zen-doodle bird (personal info smudged out)

Crafty’s interpretation of zentangle

  • zen = calm or serene
  • doodle = random patterns and swirls
  • tangle = patterns of lines within a space
  • zendoodle = calm drawing of patterns and swirls
  • zentangle = calm drawing of repeating patterns
creating zendoodles at
a zen-doodle flower – almost finished
a doodle line from

It is important to have a regular routine of activities. At first during the covid lockdown time I started my Sew a Little Happiness project. Another of my quaran’tea’n projects was to learn/practice a new tangle each day. These are all done in a little book and easy to flip through for reference.

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  1. Myrtle

    I had never heard of zentangles, but I love the ones you have done. I have done some Spirograph with my kids & grandkids. As for doodling, I have in my day but believe me, I am not good at drawing. I Like your rocks too.

  2. Margy

    Looks like fun and relaxing. I used to doodle on my college class notes but haven’t done much lately.- Margy

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