A Zentangle Flower

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One of the zoom classes I did during the third lockdown in Ontario was about drawing a zentangle flower.

My introduction to the term zentangles came during some Friday Creative Crafting sessions and I’ve been learning them ever since.

The initial introduction at the zoom class was to make this pattern, which is called Patience, on paper, which I did, and enjoyed it so much I did a bigger version on paper.

creating a zentangle flower at craftygardener.ca

And then a bigger one on 8.5×11 inch paper. Practice makes perfect.

creating a zentangle flower at craftygardener.ca

The next creation was a card. The tangle was drawn on green cardstock and glued to the front of a plain white card. I did also add the pattern onto a gift bag, but for some reason I either didn’t take a photo of it or can’t find it.

creating a zentangle flower at craftygardener.ca

Then I thought about trying it on a rock. And that turned out great too. First paint the rock white for the base coat.

To make the pattern you draw a random 4 sided figure (not straight sides). Add your circle in the center and then draw lines from the center to the corners. If the spaces are too big, add more lines to the sides. Round the corners and fill in those parts with black. I used a paint pen for this as you can get more detail. You might be tempted to used a permanent marker, but they do bleed when the finishing coat is added and they also fade in the sun.

creating a zentangle flower at craftygardener.ca

Colour the center of the flower orange with a paint pen, add radiating lines out to be the veins of the petals, and then you can colour the center a little if you choose.

Then I thought about doing multiple flowers on both sides of a rock. Loved how it turned out.

creating a zentangle flower at craftygardener.ca

This time I didn’t colour in the centers of each flower. I was able to do this while watching some favourite tv shows.

creating a zentangle flower at craftygardener.ca

So many possibilities for one pattern. You are only limited by your own imagination.

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a doodle line from craftygardener.ca

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  1. Myrtle

    Wow, Linda, they are beautiful. The rocks are amazing! I do not have this talent believe me!

    Linda, I keep forgetting to ask you what eye drop was prescribed for your dry eyes. Have a good evening.

  2. Linda

    Oh wow, fabulous! they look great I will be trying these out for sure in fact I can’t wait to get started what a pity I have so much to do today. Have a great weekend. xx

    • Crafty Gardener

      You will get addicted to doing these and each one turns out different depending on the original shape of the 4 or more sided figure. Have a great weekend.

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