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It has been a week of dabbling … some rock painting, some crochet, some embroidery, and some sewing.

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The slow and steady work on my stitch book (here and here) continues between other projects.

stitch doodling at craftygardener.ca

Page 3 had a small piece of cross stitch appliquéd onto two fabric hearts and bordered with chain stitch. Various other stitches were practiced and a couple of small flower bunches added to the corners. I’m not sure if the page is finished yet.

stitch doodling at craftygardener.ca

Page 6 was a practice page for some TAST stitches(Take a Stitch Tuesday) from the Pintangle site. I’ve been slowly working on this page for awhile now. Glad to have it completed.

I started work on a small cross body bag, just the right size to carry the phone and a couple of other things.

making a portable pocket at craftygardener.ca

This is a creation as I go along, and it has seen a few changes already, and I’ve only just started. More about it soon as it progresses a bit more.

quilt rocks at craftygardener.ca

Rock painting also took part this past week. I haven’t really painted any rocks for absolutely ages. Slow stitching of a different sort.

quilt rocks at craftygardener.ca

I saw an idea that gave me a bit of inspiration and just had to try it out. It was some rocks someone had done and used masking tape on them to get straight lines. Now I have three quilt rocks to leave in various places.

crochet dish cloths at craftygardener.ca

The stack of crocheted dish cloths got a bit bigger this week. An ongoing project with this pattern of my creating.


  • 4.5 cm hook
  • 27 sc for foundation chain
  • hdc in 3rd stitch from end, hdc across
  • start each new row with 2 sc (first hdc), then hdc across
  • repeat till cloth is square
  • sc around all edges to give a nice finish

I love crafting when there isn’t a timeline involved, just do a bit, work on something else, get ideas, unravel, work a bit more. Total enjoyment.

Slow and steady is the best way to go.

crochet line at craftygardener.ca

I get lots of inspiration from other stitchers at Slow Sunday Stitching and appreciate all the visits and comments from there. Visit them and gather some inspiration for yourself.

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18 Responses

  1. Ivani

    Hi Linda, love your embroidery book. Seeing yours makes me want to start one…ah let’s see… there’s a lot already in my pocket. But yours is an inspiration, for sure. I’m not a big fan of painted stones, naturally they are so beautiful, but I have to admit yours turned out beautiful.
    Have a great Sunday!

    • Crafty Gardener

      The stitch book is so fun to work on. I’ll be sorry when it is finished. Thanks for visiting today.

  2. Diann@LittlePenguinQuilts

    You’ve been doing lots of fun things this week! Your stitch book is a neat project – I’d like to do something like that. There are so many interesting stitches to try!

  3. CathieJ

    I like those quilty rocks! They look so much like crazy quilts. Your book pages are really pretty. You are using so many different and beautiful stitches. I like the yarn you are using for the washcloths. I always seem to have at least one project that has a timeframe associated with it, but many of my other projects don’t. Have a wonderful crafty week!

  4. Gail

    What a fun way to try out new stitches! Nice dish cloths too

  5. Sherrie

    I really like your quilt rocks…so pretty. Your TAST
    stitches looks great. I’m making 8 1/2″ quilt blocks
    for my stitches. Going to make a TAST quilt out of
    them…have a great day!

  6. Margie

    Love the bright colours of your painted rocks! Very eye-catching!

  7. Debbie- Dabble

    You have been very busy!! Everything is so pretty!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

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