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During this recent lockdown it is important to have a routine each day. My routine always includes some crafting, some reading, some exercising, a cleaning job and of course some dreaming.

I’m dreaming spring and the time we can hear the peepers in the evening at dusk and that prompted some crafting.

I love whimsy in the garden and have a large collection of frogs. So of course I had to paint some rock frogs to be added when gardening season gets here. Right now it is all packed away in the garage but they will be hopping out as soon as the weather allows.

the frog collection at craftygardener.ca

I usually start with a sketch. This little note book is crammed full of ideas, colour schemes, doodles, sayings etc that can be used on my rocks.

painting frog rocks at craftygardener.ca

I did most of the frog rocks with a light blue background. Background is up to you, I just thought the blue would represent the water.

painting frog rocks at craftygardener.ca

I use a pencil to sketch the outline on the rock and then with acrylic paint (in a pot) and paint pens I fill it in.

painting frog rocks at craftygardener.ca

Here is one done on a plain rock and when the sealer is added it gives a nice shine.

painting frog rocks at craftygardener.ca

Dots and details are added with paint pens and dotting tools.

painting rocks at craftygrdener.ca

Up till now my rock painting has always been done using acrylic paint, but I added some paint pens to my supplies over Christmas and I love the fine detail you can get, which means I can work on smaller rocks.

painting rocks at craftygrdener.ca

As well as a big and little rock, I’ve also done big and little ladybugs, bees, minions and a lighthouse. The big rocks are done using paint and the small ones using paint pens.

a doodle line from craftygardener.ca

Over the winter months I participated in a rock painting online group. Thanks to Anne, a wonderful lady, who did an amazing job of adding videos to share all her knowledge and expertise. I learned lots of valuable new techniques.

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

7 Responses

  1. Margie

    I love whimsy so your frog/bee/ladybug/minion rocks are right up my alley.

    (It’s nice to see the design work behind them! I just assumed you drew them without advance planning).

    • Crafty Gardener

      I usually always start with a little sketch Margie, first in the book and then on the rock. Lots of snow our way this morning (Friday) so a digging out day.

  2. Linda

    Anne is amazing and I am enjoying watching her tutorials, I love those frogs! a great idea, they would look great in the garden I may copy you if that’s ok. I need to get a sketch book, pens are ordered and I may need some varnish because the stuff I have takes an age to dry and smells quite a bit but maybe it’s all the same. I’m dreaming of Spring too and warmer days it can’t come soon enough. Have a great weekend.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Linda, go right ahead and copy the frogs, I probably got the idea from another source. I love my little book of ideas. I’ve always started with a little sketch and then I do a light pencil sketch on the rock. I just ordered some more paint pens, metallic ones this time that were on sale, so just couldn’t resist them. Happy crafting.

    • Lorrie

      What lovely and fun rock paintings. I always like reading about processes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Myrtle

    I am slow these days getting to all my emails Linda but I will always pop in to see what you are up to, love your frogs.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks Myrt, nothing wrong with being slow. They do say slow and steady wins the race! I certainly take my time doing things now. Lots of snow overnight and this morning, so a digging out day.

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