Kitty Bag

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With the chilly evenings settling in I find myself by a cozy fire with my knitting or crochet in my hand.  I’ve also been doing more reading.  A series that I like is by Maggie Sefton and they are knitting mysteries.  I’m just starting Cast on, Kill Off, which is the 10th one in the series.

The cute little pouch and the Hallowe’en bracelet have been completed.  One of the yoga socks has been finished and I’m ready to cast on the second sock.

I just finished the round kitty face bag which is for our granddaughter’s birthday at the end of the month.   This was a pattern that I found at Revelry.  As usual I had to tweak the pattern a bit.  Instead of using buttons for the eyes and nose I used embroidery thread crocheted into little circles.  The bag was easy to make and is just the right size for a little girl.

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